Time-based sculpture as a medium to create animation.

It's hard to see a photograph physically fading, erasing itself with the bombardment of light, but have no doubt it is, subtly becoming elusive like all we hold dear. I often find myself contemplating subjects like memory and its fragility, and I think this could explain why the ephemeral nature of kinetic sculpture first allured me. The way beauty can lie within a physical movement and the duality, that very movement begets destruction!

So with its flaws, it seems an appropriate medium to place my ideas, emotions, and hopes. A place in which I can distill them and extract their essences like perfume. In doing so, I have deliberately focused on ways to blur the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. Combining computational devices with mechanical elements, I create mandala-like kinetic sculptures but divergent to a traditional sculptor, I consider these kinetic sculptures to be solely a medium! Only a necessary first step in the process to achieve what I believe is the true focal point of my work.

That being the transitory animations, choreographies, and sounds while the sculptures are in motion.

My works have been exhibited at various museums and international festivals: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea. OÖ Kulturquarter, Linz, Austria. Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China. Mdbk, Leipzig, Germany. K11 art space, Guangzhou, China. TransAmériques Montréal Canada. “Dance Machines” Lille3000 France. RIAUS, Royal Institute Adelaide, Australia. File Festival - São Paulo, Brazil. Incheon International Digital Arts festival, Korea. WRO Expanded City Media Art Biennale Wroclaw, Poland. Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia. E-Art Festival Shanghai, China. Almost Cinema, Vooruit, Gent, Belgium. Ars Electronica Linz, Austria.

  • Peter William Holden